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Transportation Consulting Inc.

TEMS is a dynamic company answering the needs of transportation providers, primarily the railroad industry.

Our prime objective is to provide effective solutions for minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency by delivering top quality products and services. Our clients will achieve major cost savings through the application of proven methodologies that address equipment maintenance and operational concepts.

Through the resources of our highly qualified and motivated personnel, you will benefit from extensive mechanical, electrical, and managerial expertise gained through over thirty years of hands-on experience.

Our determination and ability to provide cost effective solutions for your operational and budgetary challenges make TEMS a unique and growing company. Proud of our accomplishments and results, we will continue to lead in the realm of innovation and always strive for a clear understanding of our customers needs guiding them through an ever increasingly competitive environment.

The most important benefit we offer is the quality service and customer satisfaction. With our problem solving skills, we know there is a solution for every problem....TEMS Inc.

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