Motive Power Data Info Systems

Locomotive Fleet Managers must have the capability to gauge the performance and status of their fleet or, if required, a single locomotive only, at any time in order to take corrective action and implement revised and/or new maintenance directives within minutes.

Many existing information systems used in the industry today are primarily designed to meet the needs of the transportation and administrative branches of rail operations and are either static or labor intensive to use. The system reconfigurations required by Locomotive Fleet Managers to address their specific needs are, in most cases, virtually impossible or costly.

TEMS will evaluate your existing motive power information system, recommend the necessary changes to the existing system, assist you in acquiring the appropriate system available on the market, or design a Fleet Management Data System tailor-made for your operation.

With a dynamic motive power information system at their fingertips, Fleet Managers will be able to manage their fleets in a proactive rather than in a reactive mode. Our recommendation will provide the organizational base for safe, quality assured and cost effective locomotive fleet management.

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